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PO Viewer: a FREE service for use by buyers and suppliers of HCB Forwarder Transactions. The data viewed is restricted to transactions involving the logged-in party.

International Operations Manual: Access here to obtain an extensive library of updated international operations information. FREE OF CHARGE with any paid training or client of H.C. Bennett Company.

Loading Scheduler: For use by selected HCB operational vendors. This provides on-line scheduling of container drayage positioning/loading or load pick-ups of loose cargo.
Pro Forma Maker: For use to obtain price components of INCOTERMS of sale to the foreign purchaser. Non-material quote clauses and shipping considerations included in the input criteria. Creates a comprehensive and professional pro forma invoice for presentation to the prospective foreign buyer. Register for FREE to input basic pro forma data. If pursued, charges dependent on complexity of pro forma.
Service Provider: International Shipment service providers "bid" on pro forma invoice cost component postings. Air/ocean transportation, warehousing, marine insurers, international banks, truckers, draymen, freight forwarders, port services can register for FREE to receive postings and place bids on quote requests.
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